SVG is a format file for images, is a vector file and that means that is scalable,
But the true force of SVG files is that they are code based:

<svg width="640" height="480" xmlns="" xmlns:svg="">
 <!-- Created with SVG-edit ->
 <g class="layer">
  <title>Layer 1</title>
  <ellipse cx="221.5" cy="148.5" fill="#00007f" id="svg_1" rx="60" ry="61" stroke="#a000f7" stroke-width="5"/>
  <rect fill="#00ff00" height="89" id="svg_3" stroke="#000000" stroke-dasharray="null" stroke-linecap="null" stroke-linejoin="null" stroke-width="5" width="317" x="148.5" y="301.5"/>

And this is the Result :