No, this is not a clinex!

Knex is a query builder for node!


npm install knex --save //Main Install

npm install <dialect> // Chose your dialect

Then you need to init knex

npx knex init

This will create a knexfile.js that will have different types of databases per environment. So development, staging, production etc.
By default, the development database is SQLite, and I think you may want to change that:

 development: {
    client: "mysql",
    connection: {
      database: "testing",
      user: "root",
      password: "root",

And at the end, you will find the migrations table name config! Migrations are one of the most important concepts, and lets you always have the database’s schema updated (dev staging prod)


Knex comes with a CLI utility that let’s you do some stuff (like migrations):